About me Security Paintball



I was born in the middle of the seventies..

After finishing my degree I decided to move to the south of Germany. Munich is a beautiful town and it was a wise decision to go there.

I work in the area of IT security. More or less it is fun to make you hobby beeing your job and as you see in the security section it is a very interesting topic.

When I moved to the South I've never been on ski or snowboards before. In the year of 2004 it was the first time I had a snowboard under my feet. After certain periods of pure pain, the joy comes... "and I am flying, like angels to the sky..." - actually the landing is sometimes a kind of problem :-)

Well, you are seeking for adrenaline, teamplay and action? Paintball is probably the sport you're searching for. Go see the paintball link on this page, but be aware: Nazi and any kind of Rambo idiots are not appreciated in our scene. I am talking about the sport "Paintball" and not about military games or scenario games (Gotcha).

Martial Arts is also a very interesting topic. After several years of Karate Do and Kickboxing I'd like to recommend this kind of sports to everyone as a counterpart for sitting all day in the office.


This is a so called "Yoko tobi geri" - a jumped sidekick.

As a lot of people think I am a kind of crazy and an adrenaline junkie. This is probably true, but I also have the the need for recreation, relaxing and chilling out.

A picture from a visit in Danmark.