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Dear Visitor!

You are now entering my homepage, please feel free to look around and enjoy the content. This is just a small personal homepage.


Please be advised that the tools and links I offer in the security section are for experimental purposes only. It is strictly forbidden by several countries to perform direct or indirect attacks on IT systems. The reason why I offer security information here is simple: Understand that the Internet is no playground and there are a lot of things out there if you leave the shiny illuminated streets... So make your mind because your computer system might be a threat for others if you don't care about IT security.

For more dedicated information on paintball please follow the link on my page. Paintball is a dangerous sport and can cause serious injuries without proper protection. Always wear googles and follow the security guidelines of this sport. Don't try this at home kids...


Kind Regards to my friends, the people of "Cowboys"and "Munich Contact", the members of the other forums I like. Yes you guess it correctly I do not like everyone there ;-)